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We will be offering protection against RSV for infants as well as the only approved COVID vaccine by the end of this month.The flu vaccine is available now as well.Dearborn Pediatrics.


As you make plans for next year, please be aware that most colleges require a physical examination.  We recommend that you call now to schedule your physical in June or July.  A record of your immunizations and a summary of your physical will be provided to you immediately following your visit.

When you decide on a college, there may be some additional forms to be completed. Please fill-out the student & parent section before sending or bringing the forms to the office since we need to review your answers to complete the form.


To our parents of children who will be entering Kindergarten in September – now is the time to book your child’s kindergarten well visit appointment.

Immunizations due before entering Kindergarten include:

*DtaP (diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough)                 *IPV (polio)
*MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)                                   *Varivax (chicken pox)

Dearborn Pediatrics uses the combination vaccines ProQuad (for MMR and Varivax) and Kinrix (for DtaP and IPV) which means that your child will only have to receive 2 shots instead of 4!

At this visit you will receive a printed copy of the School Health Examination Form with a record of all of the immunizations. The School Health form and immunizations will be available to you within 48 hours. Ensure the top portion of the form is filled out and signed by a parent before emailing, faxing, or dropping it off at our office!

AVOID THE SUMMER PHYSICAL RUSH, CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR JUNE AND JULY.  For your convenience we are open on Saturdays beginning in August.

Please Note:  If your last physical exam was less than a year ago, please call your insurance company to determine your plans coverage requirements.