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PARENTS: Flu vaccines are now in!

You do not need an appointment but would still need to call from the parking lot when you arrive for this nurse visit.

Children younger than 5 years old–especially those younger than 2– are at higher risk of developing serious flu-related complications. A flu vaccine offers the best defense against flu and its potentially serious consequences and also can reduce the spread of flu to others. Getting vaccinated against flu has been shown to reduce flu illnesses, doctor’s visits, missed work and school days, and reduce the risk of flu-related hospitalization.

Our Staff

We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants on staff at Dearborn Pediatrics.

Most often they will be the people you speak with when you call our office. Our staff is the liaison between you and your child’s provider. For your convenience, our phone lines are set up with specific options to expedite your requests for medication refills, sick child concerns and referrals.

You may also observe our staff assisting in the examination of your child. They will routinely obtain height, weight, and head circumference on well baby checks. Our staff is trained to perform specific laboratory tests, respiratory treatments, vision testing, administration of vaccines, as well as assisting the provider with cast applications, circumcisions, laceration repairs, and the preparation of school, athletic, and camp health forms.

Ana Maria, Registered Nurse

Ana Maria

Jenny, Registered Nurse

Jenny, Registered Nurse

Dee, Medical Assistant


Stephani, Patient Care Technician


Kelli, Certified Medical Assistant


Frances, Registered Medical Assistant


Kristi, Insurance Coordinator

Dearborn Pediatrics - Kristi, Insurance Coordinator

Shayna, Medical Receptionist

Rachel, Medical Receptionist