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PARENTS: Flu vaccines are now in!

You do not need an appointment but would still need to call from the parking lot when you arrive for this nurse visit.

Children younger than 5 years old–especially those younger than 2– are at higher risk of developing serious flu-related complications. A flu vaccine offers the best defense against flu and its potentially serious consequences and also can reduce the spread of flu to others. Getting vaccinated against flu has been shown to reduce flu illnesses, doctor’s visits, missed work and school days, and reduce the risk of flu-related hospitalization.



Erythema Toxicum

Newborn Rash

Your baby may develop numerous scattered red blotches that can develop during the first week of life but generally resolves within 2 weeks. This normal newborn baby rash occurs in 50% of babies.

No treatment is necessary. Baby oil or ointments make it worse.

Newborn Acne

Your baby may develop small pimples on the face. This baby acne can begin at 2 to 4 weeks of age, peaks at 6-8 weeks and can last 3-4 months of age.

No treatment is necessary. Baby oil or ointments may make it worse.

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