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PARENTS: Face masks are now optional.

Well child visit appointments can now come directly into the office and check in at the front desk. At this time we are asking all sick visit appointments to continue checking in from the parking lot.

You do not need an appointment but would still need to call from the parking lot when you arrive for this nurse visit.

Dosing Information

Dosing Information

The staff at Dearborn Pediatrics is pleased to provide this resource page of dosing information for the over-the-counter medications below. But if your child is under the age of 3 months and is running a fever, please consider this an emergency and be seen by a physician as soon as possible. And if you ever have questions about what medications to provide your child, please contact us so we can help. Your child’s care and providing guidance to help keep them healthy is always our top priority!

Infants' & Children's Tylenol

Infants’ & Children’s Tylenol

Dosing Information
Infants' & Children's Motrin

Infants’ & Children’s Motrin

Dosing Information
Children's Benadryl

Children’s Benadryl

Dosing Information