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Viral Infection

Viral Infection

Viruses are the most common cause of infection in children. The symptoms can range from those associated with the common cold (such as cough and runny nose) to vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. Viruses are usually spread through droplets that can be transmitted through the air or found on commonly used objects such as toys.

Kids tend to spread viruses quickly because they have the tendency to put their fingers in their mouth and have a lot of close contact with one another.

Following a viral illness, it is not uncommon for your child to develop a flat red rash. This rash signifies the end of the illness and should be a re-assuring sign

How to Prevent Viral Infections

The best way to prevent a virus is to avoid people who are sick and wash your hands frequently.



Antibiotics Do Not Help Viral Infections

Treatment is therefore concentrated on supportive measures in an attempt to keep your child comfortable.

Tylenol or Motrin can help to relieve symptoms such as fever and pain. Increasing the amount of fluids your child is drinking is important, especially since they may not be eating well while they are sick.